Using the S360 Client Portal

Using the S360 Client Portal


Have a request? Just submit your request as a new ticket and we will get to work on it!

When you submit your ticket, it will be passed on to the appropriate people on our client services team and addressed.

Ticket Statuses

After you ticket is submitted it will be added to your account as an open ticket. From here you will be able to see the status of your request at any time and you will be able to participate in on-going discussion around your request (which can be individual or include your whole team). You will also have the ability to filter tickets for your organization according to their status (open vs closed tickets) and who created them (you or a member of your team).

Transitioning Discussions from Basecamp

Any outstanding or ongoing discussions from the Basecamp system can be copied into your portal as existing tickets. If there is something that you are looking for that was not copied over or that you would like duplicated into this system, please contact to have this information transferred.


Have a question about our new client portal? Feel free to contact or use our new chat feature for support.
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