The 360 Mindset

The 360 Mindset

Embracing Your Program

One of the most important first steps in making your S360 program successful is to embrace your program as another tool in your arsenal. We all know that there is no one perfect tool or strategy that will always work for every student, so it is important that your S360 program work cohesively with all of your efforts. This way, when one tool or strategy is not a perfect fit for a particular student, one of your other tools or strategies is available to connect with that individual. The only way for this strategy of cohesion to work is for you and your entire admissions team to embrace S360 as a tool designed to help everyone be successful in connecting with students.

The Mindset

Every school has existing strategies and tools they use to impact enrollment and all of these strategies need to work together. For example, most schools will use periodic visit events or open houses as one of their tools for attracting students. If these events are properly promoted by admission counselors, referenced in promotional materials, and treated as the important events they are, they will be successful. But, if these events are not promoted in your materials or spoken about by your counselors then no one will know they are happening and it will be extremely difficult for your events to be successful.

S360 is no different than any other strategy in this regard, it must be embraced. If your S360 program is referenced by admissions counselors when they speak to potential students and it is integrated into your culture, your program will be successful. To the contrary, if your S360 program is not embraced as a part of your cohesive strategy, then much like with the open house example, success will be difficult.


Much like your S360 program(s) should be embraced by your full admissions team and integrated into your overall strategy, your other strategic efforts should be integrated back into S360. Whether it be promoting events you have on campus, or integrating your virtual tour experience, or giving your admissions counselors access to your program so they can use it to connect with or learn more about students, or anything else you may be doing; this mutual collaboration is key.

How Are You Doing?

At Evolution Labs, our number one objective is to help our clients to be successful. This success requires teamwork and consistent collaboration over an extended period of time. Use the checklist below to see if there are areas in which your 360 Mindset could be further maximized: 
  • Does your program have a presence on your website?
  • Are you utilizing physical materials that drive program awareness?
  • Are visiting students made aware that your program is available as a resource to them?
  • Are your admissions counselors talking about your program to prospective students?
  • Are your on campus (or virtual) events being promoted through S360?
  • Do you have any virtual tours or other digital assets that are not integrated with S360?
  • Are you receiving regular data exports so that the intelligence from S360 can be utilized in your CRM?
  • Is your admissions team utilizing the wealth of information S360 provides?
  • Are you starting any new initiatives that have not had their integration discussed with the Evolution Labs team?
  • Are student ambassadors connecting with users in your program?
  • Are student ambassadors (particularly those involved in other admissions activities) effectively driving awareness about the other activities they are involved in?
If there are areas where you think your "360 Mindset" can be improved please do not hesitate to contact our team!