S360 Module Overview

S360 Module Overview

The S360 admissions suite is divided into 3 major products that we call modules: Search Social, Recruit and Yield. The modules are designed for specific stages of the admissions process and so the features will vary based on that. The final component of S360 is the Success program which is a retention tool for currently enrolled students. If you are interested in retention as well as admissions please contact us.

Search Social

S360 Search Social is about introducing your brand to students at a very early stage in their college search. This module is targeted towards those students who are not yet actively looking at colleges. For traditional age freshmen, this population is typically High School Juniors (first semester), Sophomores and Freshmen. For non-traditional students, this is for the underserved population or adult learners who have expressed some interest in further education but have not actively inquired to your institution.

The goal of Search is to entice the student to "raise their hand" or indicate a small level of interest in your institution. To that end there is content that is geared toward helping students prepare for the college search and begin to learn more about your school.

Once they have indicated interest, their data is sent to your institution to be added into your typical communication flow. They also are tracked and added to Recruit when they become eligible.


S360 Recruit targets those users that are actively in the college search window. For traditional freshmen, this population is High School Juniors (last semester) and Seniors. For non-traditional students, this population is for those who have indicated some level of interest in your institution but who have not yet applied.

The goal for this module is to answer questions and ultimately lead the prospective student to apply. The program is full of content and a personalized experience that allows the student to do a deep dive into your institutional culture prior to applying. The student can take a "selfie" with your branding, watch videos, see a curated social media feed, interact with student ambassadors, and more.

After they apply, they stay in Recruit until they are admitted at which point they are eligible to go into Yield.


S360 Yield is for admitted students. The Yield module serves two purposes: increase deposits and decrease melt.  

The ultimate goal is to help these students (traditional and non-traditional alike) to meet all of their requirements for enrollment. In addition to all of the features of Recruit, students are introduced to the Friend Finder and/or Roommate Finder which help admitted students to start relationships with one another. The ambassadors also play a more prominent role in this module as students are trying to visualize themselves at your institution.  

The Yield community stays active until your classes start at which point the retention tool, Success takes over.


We know that parents are the most influential people in their student's choice of where to attend college. Recruit and Yield have corresponding parent modules that help to create allies of the parents by highlighting content relevant to them.

One or All?

Each module is built and sold as individual products. However, used together the S360 suite guides the prospective student through your funnel with new and engaging content at every new milestone. By themselves, the modules are effective. The effectiveness is multiplied extensively when using them in combination. They are all built on the same platform and use the same framework and so implementing additional modules is MUCH easier once one is in place.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the modules or to discuss adding additional modules to your program.

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