Getting The Most Out of Your S360 Data

Getting The Most Out of Your S360 Data

S360 programs include a reporting center that provides a wealth of data resources that can inform your admissions decisions.

There are numerous ways to use the reporting center, but we'll focus on the three most common ways that S360 clients use their data.

First: Focusing Your Efforts

Admissions departments have multiple avenues that they use to communicate with prospective students. The most common are email, phone and printed mail.  While email costs virtually nothing, the other two can have considerable expense attached to them. So how do we know which students we should call or send that viewbook to?

The S360 platform works as a very effective "temperature gauge" for prospective students. There is a moderate threshold of effort that is required for a student to "validate" or log into the program. Therefore, validation is a very good indication of a student's interest level. If your counselors are going to pick up the phone or you have an extra viewbook to send, you might first check S360 to get a list of prospective students who have validated in S360.

Second: Forecasting Your Incoming Class

One of the hardest questions for any admissions department to answer is "what will our incoming class look like?" While S360 won't predict the future for you (sorry, we're not there yet), we do the next best thing with our engagement score. There are certain things that a student can do within the platform that are very good indications that they are going to take the next step in the admissions process. These engagements are added together to create an "Engagement Score" which is closely correlated with admissions results. So... when a student has a high engagement score, you can be quite confident that that particular student is on the right track to matriculate.

Third: Tweaking Your Process

The Evolution Labs team periodically evaluates your data against benchmarks set for the module that you're using and your historical data.  How does your data compare to what we're used to seeing? How is your messaging/branding working? What content do students gravitate toward? All of these data points help you evaluate what is working and what needs to be adjusted. Another benefit is the included survey engine to ask the students directly what you're doing well and what they'd like to see done differently.

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