Getting Started: Tips for New Clients

Getting Started: Tips for New Clients

Congratulations on your decision to work with Evolution Labs and use the S360 product line! Before we dive into the specific steps that will ensure a smooth set up process, there are two essential elements to a successful S360 program:
  • Deep integration - Adding the program into the day to day functions of your admissions department is critical. Things like having tour guides promoting the program, admissions counselors using the data, marketing on your website and around campus and regular data transfers will all be vital to using S360 effectively
  • Commitment - Similar to the first point, the clients who are most successful are those who "jump in with both feet." The more committed to the program you are, the more effective it will be. There is a time commitment, particularly at launch, but the results we've seen absolutely justify the amount of time you will spend setting up the program and running it and we'll be there every step of the way to support you and do as much of the leg work as we can.

Whether you have one module or all of them (overview of modules) there are a few things that every S360 setup will include. To set up S360 you will need to:

  1. Hold or attend a setup meeting - The setup meeting should have as many stakeholders in attendance as possible. This meeting is our "get to know you" opportunity and we'll spend most of this time going over your goals and the unique characteristics of your school.  

  2. Get to know the client portal - We have put together this client portal in the hopes that we can share best practices and tips as well as keep you updated on developments within the product. The "Getting Started" series is particularly valuable during the set up process.

  3. Commit to regular meetings - During the setup process, we'll need to discuss things regularly with you to make sure our efforts are aligned. Weekly is suggested for the setup process and then bi-weekly or monthly during live program management.

  4. Identify your team - There are several unique things that will need to be done during setup. To facilitate that, we'll need expertise in the following areas: data, ambassadors and content. If one person can do all of those things, we need to be talking to that person but typically there are 3-4 team members involved.

  5. Choose a program name - Your program name should be simple, recognizable, and in line with your other branding or promotional efforts. Some examples for common names include: Inside[School Name], [School Name] Connect, [School Name]360, [Mascot Name]360, or [Mascot Name]Connect. It is also common to use a play on words to underline the social aspects of your program or the program's ability to provide an insiders view into life at your school.

  6. Provide an image library - Images play a vital role in your program's content and look. It is important that as many images as possible be provided to the Evolution Labs team so that we can make sure your program gives the most dynamic and engaging view of your school possible.

  7. Start organizing your data - Organizing data is often a challenge initially as it often requires input from multiple departments. We're happy to work directly with your IT team to help coordinate this piece as it is important that the data include the correct user groupings and be formatted appropriately. 

  8. Coordinate with your IT team - Aside from the data, your IT team will likely also be needed for setting up of the program's url within your school's domain (so the site appears to users as a part of your website). 

  9. Start recruiting ambassadors - Current students or "Ambassadors" play an important role in giving users an authentic and relatable look into life at your school. It is important to choose ambassadors who fit this role well, will represent your school well, and will be open to communicating with perspective students. We recommend recruiting 10-15 ambassadors so that there is a good blend of diversity in personality and interests (more or fewer can be used). Ambassadors can also be added or removed at any point in a cycle. When recruiting ambassadors it is best to start with students who may be involved already in your admissions efforts leading campus tours, working at orientation, or are otherwise involved in similar activities as these students tend to fill the ambassador role well.

  10. Review content/messaging - Your program will include custom articles and emails. This content will be provided for you to review after its creation. During the review process you will have the opportunity to request any edits or changes and only once each piece is approved will it be activated for program users to see.

  11. Approve marketing materials - When a program is initially launched we provide a "launch kit" to help you get started with program promotion. These marketing materials follow a similar design and approval process to your written content and we are happy to work with you to ensure consistent branding. This launch kit is primarily digital materials for you to print and use as you see fit, however a printed standing banner can be provided by our team.

  12. Work with us to determine a communication plan - Program integration is a key to program maximization. An important part of this is ensuring that your S360 program's communication is in line with your other efforts and driving users toward the most timely information possible.

  13. Relax/Breathe - Even though this is the first time you've set up an S360 program, it's not the first time that we have. We're here to answer any questions you might have so don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

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