Driving Program Awareness

Driving Program Awareness

Here's the bottom line... the best program in the world is worthless if nobody knows about it. So the challenge and opportunity with S360 is to make sure that people know about it. To facilitate that we will craft a communications strategy to invite prospective students into the program.  Email provides the vast majority of the traffic that S360 programs get... but it's limited to those prospective users who have A) have an email and B) actually check it.

We know that the vast majority of admissions departments are using multiple channels to reach prospective students. So... help us help you by making sure that all of those channels route the prospective students through the program that helps your institution stand out!  

Here are some of the most common ways to market the program and some ideas for how to implement it them:

Put a Link Up

The first and most obvious place to market your S360 program is on your website. You are constantly getting traffic to your website and you're missing out if that traffic doesn't find out about your S360 program. This piece is so obvious and fundamental that we've built it in as a contractual obligation so if you're not doing it, you're guilty of breach of contract (yeah it's that important). So get it up there! Here are some of the best integrations we've seen to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Large Banner Ads - Our most successful Recruit program has a large ad that links to their S360 page. When students go to the admissions page of their website, it is the first and largest thing they see. Why? Because it contains all of the relevant data that is elsewhere on the site in a customized user experience that you can track!
  • Accepted Student Checklist - Most institutions have an accepted student checklist page where admitted students go to see next steps.  What a perfect opportunity to add a link to your Yield program! Joining Yield should be on your checklist.

Send a Mail Invitation

We know you're sending physical mail all the time. Are you mentioning your S360 program in those mailings? One client puts an invite on the foot of EVERY mailing to prospective and admitted students. Others send a postcard/insert. This is an easy way to let your students know about S360 in a way that doesn't add much to an already established process. We'll even design it for you so all you have to do is print and send!

Put Up Signage/Posters

In your marketing package, you will receive a bunch of physical signs, banners, stickers and other physical assets. We can send them to you, but we won't be there to actually put them up. That's where you come in. You've got prospective students and parents in your admissions offices all the time. How do you follow up with them? S360 is a perfect vehicle to continue telling your story once they leave campus... but not if they don't know about it. Take advantage of the eyes you have in your admissions office by putting up the signs!

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