Data and Tech Requirements

Data and Tech Requirements

The best way to get the tech requirements knocked out quickly is to get our team in touch with your tech team as soon as possible. Everything within this article is designed to guide your IT team through their role in the setup process. If your IT team needs more details on what exactly we'll need, this article will help you to understand what to ask for.


In order to have your program "feel" more like it's coming from you, we'll need to have your IT team create a subdomain on your website where the program can live. The subdomain would ideally follow this format: So if your program was called EL360 and your school website was, then your subdomain would be

Once the subdomain is created, then we need to have that subdomain redirected to the program. In order to do this, your IT team will need to update the DNS/CNAME of the program. Your program URL will be unique and will be provided to you shortly after your walkthrough. It will have in it. So if your URL (provided by the Evolution Labs team) was, you would set up your DNS/CNAME like this:

Host/Value: 360


The SSL certificate secures the website, helps prevent data breaches and helps ensure student privacy. There are two options for putting an SSL certificate in your program but your IT team will typically make the decision of which one to use:
Let us order it.  This is the easiest and preferred method. We'll order the certificate and then send an approval email to whoever is registered as the webmaster of your domain. All that person has to do is click a link in an email and then click an "I agree" button. We do the rest.
You order it.  Some schools want to have control of their certificates. That's fine. We will provide your team a CSR and they can order the certificate.  Once it's ordered your team can send it over and we will install it. This method can take a little longer since there's so many hands that it needs to pass through, but it is an option.


We send emails on your behalf and on behalf of the program. In order to do this, we need to have an email on your domain to send through.  Ideally, this email will be accessible by somebody on the admissions staff. Once the email is created, we will send a verification email to it.  Simply click on the link within the email to give our system "permission" to use that email address for the program.

IP Address/SFTP

We will need to whitelist an IP address in order to create the SFTP site for your data transfer. To read more in depth, see the help topic about data. Often, you will need to find out what that IP address from your IT team. Remember, that it should be a static IP address.

That's all there is for your tech team to do. As always, if you have any questions/concerns about your particular situation, please don't hesitate to reach out to the client services team.

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