Ambassadors: Day to Day Management

Ambassadors: Day to Day Management

Consistent Engagement

Possibly the most important responsibility of an ambassador is to be logging into the program on a regular basis. We ask that ambassadors log into the program at least a few times every week. These sessions do not have to be long, it can even be as little as 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Logging in consistently like this keeps ambassadors engaged, enables them to respond quickly to any messages that may have been posted either on the public forum or privately, and increases the likelihood that their profile will be regularly updated. Logging in consistently is the most basic responsibility of any ambassador and it is often the determinant of their effectiveness.


Ambassadors are asked to post on the forum regularly. To facilitate this, we can provide a schedule of topics to be discussed each week. This schedule can be used as a general guide (ambassadors can of course post unscheduled topics) or it can be used to assign topics to specific ambassadors. If you choose to have topics assigned to each ambassador then these assignments can also be linked to a shared Google Calendar which will provide a reminder notification to the ambassadors when it is their turn to post.
When it is not an individual ambassadors turn to start the topic for a specific week, they should instead be responding to the topics started by other ambassadors. Responding to other ambassador's posts creates a depth to the information provided and it also helps to keep the conversation going.

In addition to posting on the topics provided in the topic schedule, ambassadors should also be responding to any user comments or questions that may be posted.  

Direct Messaging

Ambassadors will receive a notification email whenever they receive a direct message from a user. These messages are very important and they should be responded to as soon as possible.

Ambassadors also have the ability to send direct messages to users through the system. By going to the "members" or "classmates" page (the title may vary based on your program), ambassadors can access the profiles of any validated user*. The most effective direct messaging campaigns utilize the intelligence of the program to guide the messaging. For example: sending messages to users who have had an activity decline, messaging users who have started but not completed a certain process (an application, registration, or deposit), or messaging users who have engaged with a specific type of content which may be of interest to you (visit registration, scholarship application, etc). You can access this intelligence can be accessed directly through the reporting center or it can be provided by the EL team.

*Note: only ambassadors and administrators have access to the users full name name search features by default.


If you find that users are posting questions in the forum and ambassadors are not responding as quickly as you would like, there is an option to send a notification message to ambassadors (in mass or individually) to alert them to the new posts. Please let us know if you would like to enable this feature for one or all of your ambassadors.

Questions and Suggestions

Ambassadors have a very unique prospective on these programs as they are in the programs on a regular basis and they are very close to the demographic of the average program user. For this reason, we recommend providing an outlet for ambassadors to bring any questions or suggestions they may have. This is normally a member of the admissions staff that they can go to should they have a question about what to do in a particular situation (maybe they don't know the answer to a user's question) or a suggestion for something to add to your program. In addition to an admissions staff member, ambassadors are also encouraged to contact our staff at any time should they have any questions.

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